The Amsterdam Uncertainty Lab

Causes and consequences of risk and uncertainty

UncertaintyAheadThe Amsterdam Uncertainty Lab is situated in the Department of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam. Our research focuses on the causes and consequences of various kinds of risk and uncertainty. Cognitions and emotions that arise as a consequence of uncertainty are examined as well as the ways in which people cope with feelings of uncertainty.

Current research themes


Belief systems and the perception of reality – book out now

How do beliefs and ideologies shape the ways in which people interpret facts?
“Belief systems and the perception of reality” – edited volume is now published. Edited by Bastiaan Rutjens & Mark Brandt (Tilburg University)

Essay on science distrust

Aeon essay about science skepticism published.

Why do people believe in scientific conspiracy theories and how do they spread?

Research feature about recent work on science skepticism and science attitudes

The moral differences between pro- and anti-vaccine parents

The Washington Post on new research documenting vaccination concerns

Wetenschapsscepsis kent verschillende vormen / Science scepticism takes many forms

New research in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

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