Morality, stereotypes, and scientists—the anatomy of science denial

Check out this overview discussing recent research on science, stereotypes, and morality at

Waarom is vrijdag de dertiende een ongeluksdag?

Margriet Actueel over pech op vrijdag de 13e: klik hier

BPS Research Digest on views of scientists

BPS Research Digest: We think scientists are more likely than others to engage in necrobestiality (and other “impure” activities)

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How we really see scientists

Article in Pacific Standard: How we really see scientists

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Scientists Largely Trusted, But Also Seen As ‘Inhuman’

Article in National Public Radio: Scientists Largely Trusted, But Also Seen As ‘Inhuman’


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Wat is het imago van de wetenschapper?

University of Amsterdam news item on a recent paper in PLoS One about moral stereotypes of scientists.

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Bijgeloof in het dagelijks leven

Interview met Frenk van Harreveld over bijgeloof in het dagelijks leven:

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Science of the Paranormal: Can You Trust Your Own Mind?

Media coverage on the science of the paranormal, discussing work by Michel van Elk showing that paranormal believers are more likely to believe in the illusion of agency.

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New paper out in Psychological Review

A new paper on a network model of attitudes is now published in Psychological Review. See publications for more info.

Be careful, your love of science looks a lot like religion

Item on the Autralian SBS channel website which covers some of our research.

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