At the Uncertainty Lab we aim towards applications of our knowledge. Uncertainty has become an integral part of modern life and our research relates to many important issues in present day society. We have provided businesses as well as governmental institutions with insights helping them to understand and solve problems.

Our customers include:


For this large insurance company we investigated how their customers perceived risks. More specifically we examined what entrepreneurs considered to be the primary risks for their company and compared these perceptions with the actual risks. Thus we aimed to provide Achmea with more insight into the needs of their client base. Currently Achmea supports our research on risk perception by financing a PhD project on risk and trust. In this research we aim to unpack the major determinants of trust and their impact on behavioral choice.

Dutch ministry for safety and justice

Our lab has performed several extensive studies for the department for safety and justice. One example is a literature study on the psychology of law maintenance. In this study we for example investigated the differential effects of reward and punishment on compliance (see for more information about the book, in Dutch). A subsequent series of empirical studies further examined the underpinning of compliance with the law and focused on how the relevant authority is perceived (see for more information about the book, in Dutch.


With Regioplan we conducted a large scale survey on public perception of safety issues, and also tested the impact of concrete versus more abstract information about crime rates in the Netherlands on feelings of security and safety.

The UK Ministry for Transport

Together with colleagues from City University London and Durham University, we examined the literature on risky human behavior, including driving, and made recommendations on what format, structure, and content is likely to have the biggest positive impact on road safety attitudes and behavior in the specific group of convicted traffic offenders.

The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP)

Together with fellow researchers at the SCP we studied developments of public reactions to new technologies with a special emphasis on nuclear energy. This research focused on public risk perception and risk acceptability, and also included issues such as CO 2 capture and storage, stem cell research, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

National coordinator for counterterrorism and security

For this agency we conducted research on the main antecedents of polarization within and between groups, and the risk factors that facilitate increased radicalization and eventually the use of violence and other forms of terrorism (

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