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When you think about spirits, do you see ghosts?

A post on Epiphenom, December 2014

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Why tidying your desk might make conspiracy theories seem less plausible, a UK blog by four researchers with an interest in the psychology of conspiracy beliefs, devoted attention to our 2014 paper on ambivalence and compensatory order perceptions

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Why Using Science Won’t Make People Greener

“Why bother recycling, conserving, or changing habits when some amazing scientific advancement will take care of that stuff for us?”

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Why environmentalists should keep quiet about geoengineering

Smithsonian Smartnews, September 2014

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Want people to care about the environment? Don’t overplay the power of science

The British Psychological Society Research Digest, September 2014

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How not to teach climate change

MPR News, September 2014

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Faith in Scientific Progress Decreases Eco-Friendly Behavior

Pacific Standard, August 2014

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Ambivalence is awesome. Or is it awful? Sometimes it’s best to have conflicted feelings

Slate magazine, June, 2013

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Book out (in Dutch): “Dat kan geen toeval zijn”

Alles wat je altijd al wilde weten over bijgeloof is nu beschreven in het boek: Dat kan geen toeval Zijn: De Psychologie van ons bijgeloof. Het boek verscheen op 11 april bij uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam.

Media-aandacht voor Dat kan geen toeval zijn