The Amsterdam Uncertainty Lab

The Amsterdam Uncertainty Lab is situated in the Department of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam.

Our research focuses on the causes and consequences of various kinds of risk and uncertainty. Cognitions and emotions that arise as a consequence of uncertainty are examined as well as the ways in which people cope with feelings of uncertainty.

People can experience uncertainty on different levels, ranging from having doubts about judgments and decision-making to existential uncertainty about life and death. Topics within the scope of the Uncertainty Lab include attitudinal ambivalence, choice conflict, risk perception, acceptability of risks, lack of control and mortality salience.

Research at the lab integrates basic and applied research. Cutting edge methodology is used in our lab to investigate basic cognitive and affective processes. In collaboration with applied research partners, we use surveys and field research in a focus on applications of uncertainty-related processes and validating these in larger representative samples.



Bastiaan Rutjens is the recipient of a scholarship of the Niels Stensen Foundation. This scholarship enables him to work for one year (as of April 2012) as a postdoc at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada).
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